Slightly less todo’s left todo

Jamie buggered off fairly early to head over to ‘Summer of Sonic’, there will be blue spunk flying everywhere. So it’s just me and the dog for a couple of days.

Still working on renderer stuff, but now have a lot less todo’s than I started with. Did a debug font and line drawing today, all done and tested on the target.

Walked the dog, we did the wet route today as it looked like it was about to rain at any point, it didn’t. She did get rather upset that we didn’t turn right at the lights to head over to Almondsbury. Came back did more work. Did the washing. Went to Body Pump, which was fun. Feeling somewhat ‘snotty’ I think it’s down to the weather.

Came back and did some more work. Now I think it’s bath time. I’ll give the dog a pigs trotter I think, she’s been a very good girl lately and this weekend may be a bit stressful for her.

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