Almost a geocaching fail

As predicted today was rather dull. Work wise was video playback, which basically meant messing around with a third party API. I then managed to brick my dev kit while doing a debug font, but managed to bring it back to life. Found a couple of useful utils, one which would take a Windows true type font and output it as a bitmap, very useful for the next text in hand, will get on with it tomorrow.

Walked the dog. Jamie is away tomorrow so will do the walk again tomorrow. It was bloody hot again today, which of course meant we weren’t going to Holly Hedge.

Finished off work then decided to head Stoke Gifford way for three caches. Ended up by Duko cache, which I still haven’t found. Then went for the other three. Two DNF’s then finally success at the end. Long, walk, nice evening, but annoying.

Got a lot of the weekend to myself, well tomorrow night anyway.

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