And then there were four

Yesterday I felt like shit and didn’t really do a great deal. I picked up a sand pit from Toy’s R’ Us or whatever it’s called, which required mothers help as it wouldn’t quite fit in my car. I drove to Cotham, it rained, I drove back. Jamie required picking up late, so I made myself a curry and watched some good telly.

Today was a bit of an upheaval for all of us. We got up and went out at 11, including Sasha. Went to Hollyhedge. Thankfully the weather was kind and it was dry while we were there. We met Flynn again and he still got on fine with Sasha, so paper work was done and he was loaded in the car. He travelled fine. We got back home and basically all has been pretty good. They’ve had a couple of ‘set to’s’ regarding bones but apart from that they have played together really nicely. I think they are going to be a great brother and sister. Although at this point he has completely tired her out. He’s pee’d in a couple of places he shouldn’t, but it’s early days, we’ll soon sort this out. I think he and Sasha are going to get on just fine.

Played with a couple of Mame roms, ready to order our arcade cabinet.

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