Okay, so I crashed the helicopter

This morning started off rather well. Both dogs went out for a pee, we then all had breakfast. I did some research on my model helicopter problems and found that the flybar was set completely wrong. So I adjusted all that and took it outside for another fly. This time, fairly successful. Until I hit the wall and various bits of it flew off. Oh well, big repair bill. But I was getting the hang of it.

Then went and did and hour on the iMac simulator, no I’m still shit. Took the dogs out for a walk. Had lunch, then ventured off to Stapleton to grab a gromit as it’s the last week. Got that one then parked up in Cotham. Walked all the way to Ashton court and got the one there. Decided to hit the one at Arnos Vale. After a bloody long walk I got there, but it was closed. As it was another bloody long walk back to the car I got a bus. Had to sit with common people, mind you it went all the way to Clifton Down for £2.90 so didn’t complain.

Got home. We went out to the local Indian, it was very good. Must do some gardening tomorrow.

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