“Don’t touch the duck pate, Bishop – it’s very fattening.”

Took the dog to daycare.

Then started off trying to work out a perpendicular rotation, which  turned out not to be an Euler angle as claimed but was in fact just a normal.

Also put the Baroness Thatcher funeral on in the background. I was expecting certainly a lot more pomp, but I thought it was carried out with huge dignity. There were a few boo’s and hisses along the way, but I think she would have appreciated that, always enjoyed a fight. There was a great quote during the sermon about the ‘duck pate’, she did indeed have a few comic moments. Now let’s just let the ‘Iron Lady’, ‘Rust in peace’.

The cleaners phoned and said when they were arriving. This was a bit of a first after not actually being prompted. They arrived on time and managed about an hour and a half but did do most of it properly this time without breaking anything and drowning the floors. I may pay for it this time round.

Went for a run, slightly shorter as I needed to pick the dog up.

Came back and did a load of work on splines, that’s mostly working now. Finished off and then did another Japanese lesson. It is getting pretty tricky now, not good when I’m trying to hammer through the last few bits of of it.

Feeling really tired. Must try and get some kind of early night.

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