Okay, So maybe I am in life to be walked all over

So started back on the math of yesterdays work. Soon moved on to a second lot, still quite interesting stuff, can’t say any more.

It was Jamie’s day off. I asked him to empty the dishwasher at 9am. It’s now 11:30pm, still hasn’t been looked at.

I walked the dog, went to the gym. Came back, still no dishwasher action. Before I went to the gym I asked him to feed the dog, she’s now walking around hungry.

I’m sat here wondering why the lounge is covered in LED balloons. Their packet is dumped on the cutting board in the kitchen. On top the lizard tank is a cup cake wrapper that’s been their a couple of days, there’s a cup on the table that’s only done a day though. The box the cup cakes were in was emptied yesterday and is now still sat on top of the cooker. There are also a variety of discarded plastic bags and various contents spread across the kitchen. The lights in the lounge have all been moved around and dumped. There’s still a giant pile of clothes in the bedroom. I live with a complete slob who appears to have little in the way of respect for me or the house. I’m no longer going to feed or walk the dog, that’s now Jamie’s responsibility. Which means she will probably die. Which is a shame as I quite liked that dog. I’m going to bed.

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