Is it a national emergency? No, it’s just you’re laptop didn’t boot

So back to work today. Started off rather early though with Sasha going back to doggy daycare. She got all excited when I got up for a pee at 4am, she had to wait until 6:30. Back in bed by 7am. I didn’t start work until about mid morning, didn’t sleep well last night.

Lunch time came along so I went for a full hour’s cross-country run through lots of sticky mud. It was great fun, a light drizzle, enough to keep you cool. Came back and ate snack size sausage rolls. I think I’m going to be eating left over crap for the next couple of weeks.

Got heavily into work, it’s very math based at the moment and still all proof of concept, nothing to look at here, move along.

Then the phone started ringing….It was Holly Hedge, that was fine, home check for a couple of cats. Then it rang again, it was my mother, not on a work day please. Didn’t answer. Five minutes later, rang again. Then she rang my mobile, then she rang it again and left a message. I listened to the message, apparently her laptop didn’t boot and it’s come up with a message. Then she sent me a text message “urgent, phone me”. There is a thing called ‘cry wolf’ and unfortunately she’s done it far, far too many times. You don’t phone me four times in a row and send me ‘urgent’ text messages during the working day just because you’re laptop didn’t boot the first time. You don’t leave me two messages at 8am because your curtain rail has come off the wall. One day you’re gonna fall down the steps or have an accident and you won’t be able to get hold of anyone because your definition of ‘urgent’ isn’t the same as anyone elses. I picked the dog up.

I carried on with work and finished mid evening. Didn’t need to go to the gym due to the running earlier. Watched some more Christmas TV, I’ve got more of that than crap food to get through.

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