OpenSSL and the joys of secure sockets

So started the day by not feeding the dog. Jamie actually did it before he went to work.

Still working mainly on state machine stuff today, then set up the project to run client/server. Okay, it was running client/server in the same app using local host but it was going through all the motions. That all works fine, okay, no error checking of any kind, but worked as expected.

Lunch time I went for a run, much to the dogs disappointment.

This afternoon I’ve been looking at SSL as this project requires a secure client/server connection. My servers are all set up using SSL certificates so I’ve been here before. But this is the first time I’ve looked at it from an API perspective. I looked at a few libs, but in the end OpenSSL is really the only complete one with all the security up to date. Managed to find pre-compiled windows bins for the latest version, that saved a lot of buggering about. Got it connecting to Google via HTTPS and even my own server, can get the certificate, verify it and looked at various bits of it’s contents. There seems to be some buggering about in hyperspace you need to do to replace the ‘select’ calls for blocking sockets, it get’s complicated with re-negotiation but I think I’ve worked it out. Also the server side I haven’t looked at at all yet, again, it’s interesting stuff, I’m learning something new for sure.

Went to the gym, did Body Pump. Came back, I fed the dog.

Jamie has come home from work, put the washing away, did the dishes and filled the dishwasher. He even says he’s going to take the dog for a walk. May be my bit of sulking worked after all. We have Christmas dinner at his dads on Sunday, a shame I was looking for a quiet weekend. Never mind. Bath O’Clock.

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