Oi!, Don’t you go interfering with my bullocks

Once again work in shader land. It’s all working for the moment so I’m pretty happy with it.

Had a chat with the dog about eastern European politics and how Obama is handling the northern Ireland situation. I then persuaded her that she was allowed to sleep on a bed in my office and she didn’t have to go hiding downstairs in her box. It did take a few biscuits, but she got the hang of it.

Been invited to a retro games day next month, sounds like fun if it goes ahead.

Vanished with my GPS again, was walking on a public foot path when I saw three lads running, followed by a farmer on a quad bike shouting, ‘don’t you go interfering with my bullocks’. I hate to think what they were doing. I was hoping he was going to come back and say, ‘Get off my land’, but he didn’t. Found three more caches.

Torture porn night.

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