I had a normal perverted dream

So this morning I awoke due to the dogs, having had a perfectly normal perverted dream. There was no Keith Lemmon, The Saturdays or any other odd celebs. There were two guys (yes they exist), I was investigating if they were banging each other. Anyway, I woke and let the dogs out, then went back to sleep. I was able to continue the dream, which was quite nice as I wanted to get to the bottom of it (In more ways than one). Woke up with a stonking hard-on, Jamie had gone to work. I got up, drank coffee and re-wrote a memory manager.

Basically all day I’ve been writing this vram memory manager, it’s pretty complex, so I’ve been on ‘Do Not Disturb’ all day and everyone left me alone. It’s going well enough, will probably have it finished tomorrow.

Went to Spin, worked very hard, came back and did another hour of work. Sat down and ordered all remaining items for the dining room. I think that’s everything now except for the door. No idea if I’ve blown the budget or not, mainly because I didn’t have one.

Be going to bed shortly and will attempt to have sex with Jamie, mainly as he’s there and Tom Daley currently isn’t, mind you, that could be tonight’s dream.

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