Amazon Prime, my QVC nemesis

It’s quite handy at 3AM when you think, “Oh shit, I need metal primer”. Pick up iPad, click on Amazon app, search primer, click on one click buy and then go back to sleep. If QVC was that easy my mother would be more fucked than she is now.

At 6AM I woke up, at 6:20AM I was in the car with Dillon. At 7AM I was back in bed.

Most of the morning was spent testing threading stuff. Had lunch and then was into more complex issues of contexts, great fun, but mostly working now. Picked up Sasha. Went to Pump. New month, so increased my weights by 2Kg. Jesus did it hurt. Came back and re-wrote the context stuff. Still don’t like it. Tomorrow I will rewrite it again.

The electrical stuff has turned up. The skirting beading has turned up. All the stuff ordered next day from Amazon Prime however, hasn’t.

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