I was more surprised Tom Daley signed up for a new series of ‘Splash’

So woke up to Tom Daley’s little you tube vid, where he confessed to dating a guy. How truly unremarkable. It’s quite a sad world when he has to do this to quell the media attention. It’s good that a young sportsman has ‘come out’ though, that’ll be inspirational for a lot of young people. His life has slightly mirrored mine, has to wait for dad to die of cancer before coming out. If any of his ex-girlfriends suddenly get back ache, get them to the hospital quick. What the hell does it matter where he wants to put his willy for a bit of fun, or who he wants to go to Ikea with.

Work was a typical Monday morning, in other words I didn’t get a whole lot done. Walked Sasha, Dillon refused.

Went to Combat, talked to Sarah. She did point out that she never could remember mum or dad ever playing with me. This is true, other than dad who used to play snooker with me, he used to call it, “Giving you a hammering”, it was fairly one sided, at least it wasn’t physical. We won’t even mention my attempt at bonding in later life with golf. I have a really terrible picture which my sister found, it’s dad standing with a snooker queue. He has a really dodgy beard and looks like a pedo. I’m glad she didn’t get it printed, it would have ended up in the bin. Anyway, I’ll moan about that more another time.

I’ve booked a couple of days off next week, so I can finally finish all the bloody dinning room stuff. I’ve spent the last hour ordering everything remaining up. As next Wednesday the new arcade cabinet arrives.

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