My new headset arrived, it’s very posh

Got up no problem. Postman delivered my new headset. It’s very posh and solid, I think it’s a magnesium alloy or something. Can’t test much of it without a helicopter, but I’ve linked it up to my phone and the speech dialling works well. It all goes surprisingly quiet when you put them on.

Sent a text to captain James, next lift should be Thursday.

Finished buying helicopters, I should now end up with six. Three CP3’s and two V2’s, plus a dual rotor little one. I’ve also ordered a Spektrum DX6i controller so I can set them all up properly. I’m going to start on the V2’s which are just four channel and should fly indoors. I’ve been running a similar one on the simulator and it’s going quite well.

Work wise, all about post processing and most of it is now done. I reckon by the end of the week the whole game will be done. Then it’s just the fun task of making it run quickly.

Went for a run.

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