So I now have a programmable controller, one day I’ll get round to programming it

So this morning was a bit strange. Alarm went off and Sasha got excited. Got breakfast for both Sasha and Dillon, Dillon thought this was a bit strange. He was even more confused when I tried to get his harness on at 6:30AM. Loaded them both into the car, they were fine. Dropped them off at daycare.

Went back to bed.

Working today on post process effects and an interesting skinning problem. Postman arrived and delivered my Spektrum DX6i, it’s ex. display but perfect condition. This is a fully programmable controller, so I should be able to set the heli’s up properly. I’ll leave that until I have a bit more time to get into it. There are a lot of set-up videos I need to watch, hopefully then the four channel ones will be easier to fly, then I can move on to the six channel ones.

Picked the dogs up. Sasha and Dillon both enjoyed it, they are now very tired which is good.

Went for a run. Did a bit more work. Did some R22 hover practice on the sim.

So tomorrow it’s early doors, drive up to Staverton to fly budgie.

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