My brain works in mysterious ways

So this morning started off rather oddly. Sir Terry was on Radio 2 and I was drifting in and out of conciousness. He had a few girls on called I think, ‘The Sugar Girls’. They were very good. One of them played the Ukulele. Now here is the strange thing, they were on the radio. So what appeared in my mind? Well, one girl with a ukulele and another with a giant hand puppet. Not sure why there were only two at this stage. They then performed their song in the corridor of a pub, while the safe door kept getting in their way. Also it descended into a cartoon style where this rabbit was being tossed up a tree by various animals until you saw a baby balanced on a branch. As I said, my mind works in mysterious ways.

Anyway, I fed this mind a couple of cups of coffee to kick start it into some kind of normality. I then had breakfast and got up. Proceeded to make a rather bad job of sanding the dining room door frame. Time was cracking on as we had a dinner date with Jamie’s dad. Jamie gave the dog a disappointing walk and I tidied up.

We went to Jamie’s dads. Actually we went via the ring road rather than through Downend, which reminded me why I have a VXR rather than a Fiesta, it really is one of the last bastions of speed left in Bristol, I think it’s perfectly natural to be doing 70MPH in second gear. I never broke the speed limit once, but I was doing 0-70 in around 6.5 seconds, it was fun.

Anyway, at Jamie’s dads, Jamie spent the bulk of his time connected to a phone and talking to his sister. It’s no wonder I say I wouldn’t go on holiday with her to Japan, I’d feel like a very disconnected third wheel, I’d have to kill her.

His step mum was talking to me about a very dull CD she had on from ‘Munford and Sons’, I was dying for her to ask me what sort of music I liked, so I could reply, ‘Well I’ve just bought the new Huduken CD but I think after touring with Pendulum I think they sound too similar and much prefer it when they were more grime influenced’…but she didn’t.

We had beef, it was very nice.

His grandad was there, who is always good value. He didn’t disappoint. I think we are now both members of UKIP.

Came home, had a bath and watched the grand prix. Racing was dull, but controversy was high, so good fun.

Short week this week, good I can get some more DIY in.

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