Convex hull, and not the northern town either

I spent the bulk of the day working with collision meshes. Which isn’t the most exciting thing on the planet, especially when you have to decode it from an XML file. Also rather annoyed that the debug rendering doesn’t really support it. So you end up making a convex hull shape from a convex hull. Anyway, worked in the end. Sorted out centre of gravity problems and now have other ones.

Walked the dog, it’s bloody freezing.

Went to combat, that was tiring.

Did a bit more Japanese, I can now turn verbs into the past tense.

TP Link modem / router thing arrived. I’ve connected it up in bridge mode so works the same as the Draytek as far as pfSense is concerned. No problems so far, seems to grab pppoe with out any fuss. It was reluctant to connect to the web interface after connection, but a reboot of pfSense appears to have sorted this. Anyway, will monitor it’s performance. I’ve a new faceplate turning up tomorrow so will see if that makes any difference.

A different brand of paint stripper also turned up. So pasted a bit of that on to check it’s performance.

Supposed to be back to running tomorrow, if it stays above freezing.

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