I wore the nice pants again this moning

So woke up, put nice pants on. Had a tamper, Jamie then said he smelled and needed a shower. I therefore looked up curry recipes. After his shower we had a pretty good bumming session. I actually got out of breath, I don’t even do that at Combat. Needed to get out as I had a parcel to pick up from the sorting office and time was getting on. He then goes to the bathroom for twenty minutes complaining that I’ve ‘unblocked something’. Well if I knew I was that effective I wouldn’t have bothered spending three hours out in the freezing cold unblocking a drain full of his greasy frying oil and just shagged it instead. Anyway, he surfaced from bathroom and we went to Tesco’s. He then complained that I hurt is arse and that he smelt of ‘cock’. He didn’t complain during the act and kept saying ‘do it harder’, I’ve knocked down walls with less force. We bought a new throw for the couch. Also supplies for bread maker.

I had lunch. He read the instructions for the bread maker. I left him to it and walked into town and visited mother. When I came back he had actually managed to make bread, which tasted pretty good. And left a mess, which he’s also pretty good at.

I did the accounts. And now I’m about to make a pie. Chicken and leek. A bit adventurous. Oh it looks like we are probably going to go to Japan. Very expensive beer. At least I feel quite tall there.

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