God visited my dwelling once again

Was having a very odd dream first thing, was staying at Andy and Justin’s place. We were about to go for a bit of a threesome then the doorbell went. It was the same woman who visited a couple of weeks ago from the god squad. She asked if I was okay and if I’d had a chance to think about any thing she had said. She then said that she knew I was in computers and wanted to show me a short passage from the Bible. As I’m not generally rude I locked the dog in the kitchen and listened to her quoting a passage about god designing everything. She then asked, “Who do you think designed computers, do you think it was God?”. I said, “No, It was Alan Turing and he was gay.”. She snapped her Bible shut an her and her patent leather shoe’d colleague buggered off rather sharpish.

I walked the dog. Took her to the vet again, she’s lost almost a kilo so she’s doing well. Did the shopping. Then ended up visiting a drum shop. Not that I have a noisy new hobby, but my nephew wanted some ‘silencer pads’. I then was rather out of my depth when a hobbit and his stick insect assistant then went around asking questions about drum sizes and ‘rock kits’. After a call to my sister I had a box of rubber things and was fifty quid lighter.

Walked into town, just in time for everything to shut so walked back again.

Quick shower, then we were off to Andy and Lisa’s. My white was a big hit, although it still tastes like a lot of sulphates to me. The Strawberry though was a great success all round. We talked lots of general chit-chat, ate Fajita’s and played ‘Robot Uno’, which was pretty good. Overall a nice evening, even the taxi driver was quite chatty and nice. Good to get out once in a while.

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