A long day with Emily

So started off this morning fairly early considering it was a Sunday. Okay it was about 11. Winter is finally here and it was pissing down outside, so it was time to get on with the dining room.

By 9PM and after only stopping for a stand up pasty I had sanded every wall with course grit and then fine grit, gone round all the coving and then washed every wall as well as cleaned up and washed the floor. That’s one hell of a shift, but it’s all done. Next step is the mist coat and then the base coat. I’m really pleased that all the sanding is finally out of the way. I wore a face mask for breathing but goggles were useless and kept steaming up, so eyes had to suffer. Really pleased with the days progress.

Had a shower, followed by a bath and now having a well deserved pizza.

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