How many helicopters is too many?

So yesterday was mainly taken up by an awful lot of work. Walked dogs and never saw another one on the entire walk. Went to pump, then went to the pub with my sister. I had a rather bland curry. Drank beer, good company, good fun.

Today I was supposed to do a home check for a cat but she never phoned back. Picked up some crickets, walked into town. Picked up some brown paper to send heli back. Visited mother, she’s still alive.

Came back and did the accounts. Looked at the spare part that arrived (this is the second one) and it was actually the correct size. So I repaired the helicopter. The mass confusion all comes about as the CP3 shares a lot of parts with the old model CP2, but none of them with the new model CP2 which is discontinued. And just for amusement they all share the same part numbers. I won two more CP3’s on ebay, which will be useful for spares. I may get a normal V2 as well, as they are a bit easier to fly and have similar parts. I was looking at a dual rotor, but I already have a small one of those.

Jamie is cooking tonight. I’m glad I bought wine.

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