Winter must be coming, wine finally brewing

Sure I slept through the alarm this morning. Anyway, started vaguely on time. It’s cold wet and miserable. Got straight on with work, not a bad day, sorted a couple of things out. There is at least an end in sight.

Walked the dogs in the rain.

Went to combat, which was fun. Feeling very bloated, will try and eat less this week and avoid alcohol, although if I can’t sleep that will soon change.

Did a home check for a pair of cats. Came back and did a bit more work. Then sterilised a wine bucket and equipment and emptied the red into it. Topped it up to 23 litres. Now waiting for the temperature to settle before I add the yeast. It will then need to be transferred when it reaches about 1010, so that should take about five days, it will then take about another five to finish fermenting completely.

Think I’ll have an early night. Can’t get into this Grand Prix, not while Vettel is winning everything, it’s all a bit boring. Hopefully with the technical changes next year it’ll make it more interesting again.

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