Life laundry

Started off this morning, actually correction, started off this afternoon with a bit of sanding. The weather was shit but wasn’t really in the mood. Still, made a good effort and now have two lengths of coving near enough done. I reckon another few hours to finish the rest. Then I need to really get lots of dust sheets in this week as it will be a fairly big wall sanding job coming up and that will make a hell of a mess.

Had a clean up and a shower. Then off to Jamie’s dads. We met Megan’s new boyfriend, he’s as plump as the rest of us. Nice chap. We ate lamb, well I picked at it, not a lamb fan. We made small talk and politely all left at the same time. We’ll probably meet up with him again for sure.

I really must sort some shit out. I want to buy a new AV amp, but I have a cabinet full of stuff that isn’t even switched on, so I feel a huge ebay session coming up shortly and get rid of some of the crap.

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