The curse of TripAdvisor

Today work wise was again in shader land, not much more I can really talk about. Megan asked if I approved of her new boyfriend, I said I did but would need to see more cock shots to make a better decision.

Walked the dog. Listened to a huge amount of iPlayer radio, okay so basically it was Sunday’s Radio 2 schedule, with ‘Dan & Phil’ from Radio one, not that I think their show is that good, but they are very cute.

Went to Body Combat, was fun but warm. Came back and did some more work. Jamie has finally sorted his holiday dates out, so then the quest to book a holiday. Now, this is always a bit of a challenge. Okay, so the easy bit first, ‘Turkey’. That narrows it down to about 17,000 hotels. So how do you choose one? Well, that’s where the dear TripAdvisor comes in, you just find the best one, although of course there isn’t one. You can get the top rated hotel with 3,000 people who rate it excellent, then there will be two people who hate it. It’s those two reviews which you will think on. Anyway, I’ve found one which is rated top, hated by half a dozen people, liked by hundreds and costs a fortune. I’m sure it’ll be shit. But I can fly from Bristol at a sensible time.

Lots of work to do this week, very busy. Try and get a fairly early start on it tomorrow, then if the weather is nice I can vanish with my GPS.

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