I’ve finally been to a Nando’s

This morning started off rather loudly, thanks to being next to the service elevator. Anyway, went down to breakfast at about 9:30, met various people who were in various states of death. I think I had five things of coffee before I could even face toast. Left luggage at reception and then dived off into London to pick up a couple of things. Walked back to the hotel and picked up my luggage. Saw Simon there, who looked rough as hell, they had lost his jacket, he had lost the ticket.

I then had to lug this bloody Xbox all through the underground and back to Paddington. Again, not very exciting journey back, weather shit. Got back home. Jamie’s dad was here. I was dying for a shit but had to hang around and chat as Jamie was getting changed to do an extra shift at work.

When everyone had gone I booted up Dragon’s Lair on the arcade machine and after about five attempts managed to complete it. It’s been about 27 years since I last did that. After that I played around with the heli and gyro again. I just can’t get the damn thing working right, it just seems to pulse the rotors. I need to do some more research.

I then did the accounts, I’ve spent an obscene amount of money this month on finishing off the decorating, arcade machine and new years stuff. Still I’m sure it’s all worthy.

Then Jamie came back from work and we went to the new Nando’s. I had chicken and chips. The sauces weren’t as spicy as I thought they would be. The chips had way too much salt on them. But overall, yeah it was okay.

Came back and cooked eggs for my Salad next week. Then I think it’s time to jump in the bath. Christmas coming up, god I hate Christmas.

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