Frank Sinatra may be spinning in his grave, but I won the Karaoke

So the morning started off quite well, coffee, coffee, bran flakes, coffee, prozac. Walked the dogs fairly early. Checked train times, wasn’t really anything useful until early afternoon, so played with heli gyros for a bit. Packed up my bag and then drove to Parkway.

Uneventful train journey. Sat next to a guy with a Windows phone, saw it crash. Decided I’d get off at Marble Arch and walk down Oxford street. Well, that wasn’t busy. Found the hotel eventually. Had a room the size of a cupboard next to a service elevator.

Showered, shit and shaved. Changed into something a bit more formal, then descended to the party room. Where I was all alone, for about twenty minutes. Then people started drifting in. One guy caught my eye straight away, his name was Simon, an Australian who lives in German, so has rather a weird accent. Anyway, he’s posted lots of youtube videos of him mountain biking and other fun stuff. Anders came over and said “It’s Eero all over again….”. So we had great fun winding him up a lot. We were half cut before dinner was eventually served. It was fine but uninspiring. The wine was horrible. Soon we ventured to the gaming tables and played a bit of poker. I didn’t do too bad, considering I’d already drunk my own bodyweight in lager. It was then time for Karaoke, which is where I basically spent the rest of the night. Started with Frank, went through REM and a number of others which I just can’t remember.

Secret santa was done, I got an Ash hat. Prizes were given out, I won for best Karaoke, I think this was more due to my persistence rather than my singing talents. Anyway, won an XBox one. Ended up at the bar and had a few more drinks. I must have bought a round as I found the receipt in my wallet today, although I have no real recollection of it. I think I went to bed at about 2AM and fell asleep within seconds. A good night, had by all.

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