Dogs get jealous too

I was sat down last night watching a bit of telly, Dillon was flat out next to me having his chin stroked. Sasha appeared and nudged me, I thought she needed to go out for a pee, so I opened the back door. She just stood there, so I sat down again. Once more she came over and nudged me. If finally caught on to what she wanted. I shifted over to the middle of the couch, Dillon relocated a bit and then Sasha jumped up next to me, she wanted a cuddle too. It was cold, having two warm dogs next to you was nice.

Work wise, well it was a Monday, I really don’t do Monday’s and this one especially. I tidied up and checked in all the stuff related to that bug I was working on. Then started looking at hiding sets, which is as exciting as it sounds.

Walked Sasha. Dillon may want a cuddle, but he doesn’t want a walk. Went to combat, last one of the year. Good fun. Did a home check for a couple of cats. Attempted to do more work. Did my expenses instead. Need to hit it a lot harder tomorrow or my time sheet will look shit, saying that I did ten hours on Friday so I’m owed quite a bit.

Think I’ll play on the arcade cabinet now. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow from an emotional point of view.

Oh Sarah, the word you need is “Spr@tt”…enjoy.

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