It was warm, actually it was hot

I started the day off sweating a lot, almost to the point where the memory foam mattress had turned into a small duck pond. My fingers had even started ‘pruning’. Had breakfast, drank coffee.

Got up eventually, did the dog poo run, then had lunch. We then took the dog out, walked all the way to Almondsbury. She ran around her favourite field and got fairly tired. We walked back to the Swan pub and had a pint. Jamie then left with the dog to go back home. I then walked further North to do some Geocaching. Think I found about another four, haven’t logged them yet, also picked up a couple of travel bugs.

Then walked home, well had to run the last couple of miles, which I wouldn’t have minded too much if it wasn’t so damn baking. Got home, got the BBQ out, then picked up Andy and Lisa. We then had a very pleasant evening drinking and eating meat. They then stumbled into a taxi and we tidied up. I had a bath and then watched the end of the ‘Apprentice’ episode I fell asleep through the other day.

Nice weekend, very warm.

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