Gromit Unleashed

So started this morning with Bran Flakes and coffee which is always a good combination. I harnessed up the dog and off we set to our field in Almondsbury. She had a nice run around off lead, came back and she was fairly knackered.

Printed out the ‘Gromit Unleashed’ trail map. These are eighty statues of dogs all decorated by different artists spread around Bristol (except the one on Padding Station). I started off with the one just down the road, then parked up at Cotham and did another forty-seven of them by foot. I was walking for the best part of seven hours and got quite sun-burnt. Still, good fun.

Came back about 9pm. Uploaded all the photos to facebook. Then did the accounts. Had a quick shower and started preparing the pies. Was interrupted as I needed to pick mother up from a wedding. Got back and carried on. We ended up eating at about 1am. Still, they were very good.

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