Actually sorted something out today that’s been outstanding for three years

Woke up late, probably due to having baths and wine at stupid o’clock last night. Yes, indeed, today I was working on shaders, again. But finally I’ve finished, sorted out my default parameters issues. So ready to move on to the next bit, which is renderer related. That’ll be a long job, but a fun one.

Booked a hotel for a gathering of work people in a few weeks. Opened up the Tesco shopping list. Then I’ve booked something interesting for Friday, certainly something I’ve never done before and probably never will again.

Walked the dog. She got very hot and tired. Went to Combat, which was quite quiet.

Thinking about doing the 5-2 diet again to buff up for Turkey. That unfortunately doesn’t mean five cans of larger followed by two bottles of wine. Technically I could do a 3-4 diet just by cutting out bread from my lunchtime sandwich and cheese. Will give it a blast next week.

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