Inu desu

The day started with taking the dog to daycare at 6:30, followed by a phone call from the cleaners at 8 to say they were coming by 1:30. So started the day fairly promptly and took an early lunch at 12 to go running. So back just in time for the cleaners. They did their thing and I picked the dog back up at 4. So fitted work in between all these stops, mainly involving math and sprite tweaking.

It looks like this years holiday will be in Tokyo, so with my Japanese being as rusty as the Titanic I got hold of one of various online course and gave that a blast. It’s all coming back to me fairly slowly, remembering I spent about three months working there about twenty years ago. I used to be fairly fluent, providing it was a conversion about beer, food or shagging. I could also read a fair amount as at the time Yokohama was fairly notorious about writing all bus and station names in Kanji. Jamie is trying to learn as well, so far he can say he’s American and can’t speak Japanese, so may need some work.

Watched some telly and had a fairly early night. Almost getting the end of the US ‘Celebrity Apprentice’. What will I do without my weekly fix of ‘Donald Trump’. The wine is almost up to temperature, so should start bubbling away soon.

Oh I got an email back from boiler men, apparently they have now applied for the building certificate.

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