I poked myself in the eye

Today was lots of playing about trying to work out what goes where. Mainly playing with shaders. Trying to trace input attributes and constant params. Still trying to compile stuff in GL to rip the CgFX info from it. I may look into the DX11FX parser, which is now handily given as source. It would be nice to get rid of the GL stage and use something more customisable instead.

Took the dog to day care. Cleaners arrived early, they actually did a fairly good job. Picked the dog up from day care.

Summer is over and it’s raining again. It eventually stopped mid evening, so I ventured out with my GPS. Managed to find one which has been annoying me for a while. Then found another odd one over towards Parkway then went back to another one which I still couldn’t find on the third attempt, I think it may have been muggled…And yes, while looking I did indeed manage to poke myself in the eye with a tree branch.

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