Today wasn’t a bank holiday, I didn’t notice

Today started with debugging the damn DX11 line code. I found all the problems in the end, was something quite silly, just took a long time to track down.

The model helicopter people didn’t answer any of my emails which is rather disappointing.

I had lunch, that was disappointing.

I fired up the fsx simulator again and did a bit of hovering, managed to stall the engine, couldn’t restart it. I found that there is a better R22 model for x-plane, so I’ve ordered x-plane. I’ll then get the plug-in. It apparently simulates it quite well, if the RPM drops below 85% it falls out of the sky and you die, so that sounds about right.

I went for a run, that was almost disappointing.

Tomorrow I hope to have a more productive day, which isn’t disappointing.

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