If you want a cheap inuendo, I’ll give you one

This morning started how I quite like to start Saturday mornings, with sleep. It was then followed by a bit more sleep, breakfast, coffee, vitamins and Fluoxetine.

Got up and walked the dog. There was a dog running about that wasn’t on a lead, Sasha got a bit over excited and started chasing it and basically walked over it. I pulled her back and apologised that she just wanted to play. The women moaned ‘oh really, I’ll her on a lead then she they won’t’. Jesus, there’s someone who needs HRT, miserable bitch. Mind you I can hardly complain about being moody. My mood swings more often than the Plimsoll bridge. Further down the path we met a lovely Welsh women with I think it was a ‘chow chow’. Medium sized dog with the most amazing afro. It was also apparently a moody shit, so would have got on fine with me. We were talking for about ten minutes.

Came back, had lunch. Went and met bum boy at Tesco’s and did the shopping. Also went to Pet’s R’Us and got Sasha a new bed for her box, we also got her a basket style one which she will probably eat. We also stocked up on Pig trotters, Jamie has some odd eating habits.

I walked into town, failed to buy anything, it’s cheaper that way. Visited mother, she’s still alive. Updated her virus software. Came back home and did the accounts. Pizza dough is currently in the bread maker. Jamie is currently in the bath, which is where I want to be. I would join him but Archimedes was pretty spot on and we’d only need an egg-cup of water. Mind you last time we were in the bath together he kept moaning about every time I peed in it.

More DIY tomorrow, only 1059 Sunday’s left.

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