Better living through chemistry

This morning I wasn’t woken by a courier.

Spent all day working on this data stuff again. I just knuckled down and got on with it, I don’t really like how it looks, but never mind.

Walked the dog.

Courier arrived. It was the Draytek back from repair, they’ve swapped it out. I must admit, gold star to Draytek that was bloody quick service.

Went to the doctors. He failed to join me in a suicide pact, so prescribed more Prozac instead.

Did more work. Went to BodyPump. Did more work.

Then looked on the server syslog and notice some iNode block errors. After further investigation it appears that the backup drive which it archives to every night is shagged. So it no longer has a backup. I’ve now gone into panic mode about it. I’m just doing a backup run now and I’ll copy it over to another machine. Nothing has been lost, but potentially could have been nasty.

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