If I knew I would have to wait over two hours to hire a carpet shampoo-er I would have gone somewhere else

So woke up this morning very angry. I wanted to ring up someone and complain about the appalling service. Then I realised that that the service was actually in a dream. For some reason I dreamt about trying to hire a carpet shampoo-er. I had waited over two hours, finally I spoke to someone and they said they would help me, I said I’ll give them twenty minutes and then leave. I ended up leaving, but only after I had recovered my shoes. It was a very strange dream. It was about the highlight of the day though.

Still working on shader stuff, decided this evening I need to do it a slightly different way as I’m just not happy with it. Again, nature of the job, these things happen. Need to sort out default parameters I think as well.

Walked the dog. She barked and went for other dogs a lot, which was rather annoying. Went to the gym and did combat, which was fun and quite tiring, it was very hot in there. Came back and did some more work. Now watching Silverstone Grand Prix qualifier. Will have an early night, want to start fairly early tomorrow.

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