The British Grand Prix was actually pretty good

Woke up and actually managed to start work early, well early for me. Got straight on with it and changed something that was annoying me, took until early afternoon to get back to where I was, but I was happier about it. Went out for a quick run then did a second session. Almost there on shaders now, I reckon another day and a half and it should be sorted.

The weather was looking shit but held out as we had a meeting with Kate the dog trainer woman. We took Sasha up to Almondsbury and met there. She brought her two quite elderly but lovely dogs. We let Sasha off her lead and walked across all the fields, she stayed within sight of us and had a great time, no problem with the other dogs at all. Her recall was also pretty good. So we came back and she got a nice bone as a reward, which she’s still having a bash at now.

Watched the Silverstone British Grand Prix, first one I think in many years that’s actually been any good. Lots of overtaking, lots of tyres exploding. I wish they were all like that, well, may be not the tyres exploding, that’s a tad dangerous.

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