So that’s the last of the fruit cake and chocolates

Last night I got through the last slice of Christmas cake. Also now finally got through all the chocolates, biscuits, lager and crisps. So it’s just the biscuits for cheese to go, and I’ve got a hell of a lot of them. Will have to buy more cheese though. Beer fridge is now defrosting.

Spent the morning working on the main project, a few online type things. Walked the dog. Ate a salad sandwich. Actually just before I walked the dog I ran the boiler people, no answer just a machine. Then I actually got a call back, apparently he’s been on holiday. Although I expect that now I’ve demanded a full VAT invoice he’s decided to give up trying not to issue one. I won’t go away, I’m very annoying. Anyway, we will see if it turns up.

Tried to watch some sci-fi film last night. Gave up after half an hour, just couldn’t work it out. Will try again tonight.

Spent the afternoon working on mobile concept, added some sound effects and music.

Went to the gym and did pump. Only just finished work, so bath, phone mother, eat pizza and give that film another shot.

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