Then we were visited by ‘The Dog Listener’

Today work wise was very much like yesterday. Got stuck in. All about shaders, all about getting bits of data compiling from all over the place. Good fun.

Walked the dog although it wasn’t even my day, aren’t I nice. I’m sure the dog hates me, she ignores me all day and spends all night with Jamie.

Anyway, this evening we were visited by a lady dog trainer. She specialises in ‘Dog Listening’, which apparently was made famous by some woman I’ve never heard of. It was all very interesting, and made a lot of sense. She managed to stop the dog jumping up fairly quickly by ignoring her. Then when she had settled down she called her over and made a fuss, as soon as she started jumping up again it was back to ignoring. Very quickly she got the hang of it. She also gave us various other tips on a few other problems, so we’ll put those in to action and see how we get on. I’ve ordered the book, so will give that a good read. Even Jamie seemed to be fairly impressed.

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