For once most things actually began to work

Had a random idea this morning about how to cure a specific physics problem. Took ages to get all the calc right, and then it didn’t work. In the end I had to put my spurs on and tie up my horse and bodge it. I then added a load more stuff. Also looked again at the application of torque position. This is quite an odd one. On a car where do you think the traction force is applied? Well, it’s actually at the contact point of the tyre against the road. Which wasn’t where I was applying it. So fixed that and a couple of other little things. I’m now at the stage where I’m fairly happy with it all, a good place to leave it for the four day Easter weekend.

Jamie has gone to London with Megan to eat some Sushi type stuff and see ‘Wicked’. I saw it a few years ago, can’t really remember much of it I think we were fairly pissed at the time as it was just after a meeting and dinner.

I did some more Japanese. I’ve separated out my flash cards now into words I know fluently and ones that I’m not sure of, so I can do extra practice on those. I’ve now run out of flash cards again, so that’s close to two hundred words in the vocabulary now. By the end of the course it should be about four hundred.

So just sat down and ate salad. Need to pick Jamie and Megan up soon. Busy day tomorrow. Lots of paint stripping and sanding. My new little sander has arrived, looks good. So will hopefully get the door frame and all the skirting boards done over the next four days. I’ve only really got two working days.

So, pick up them, then it’s torture porn night.

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