I rescued Buzz Lightyear from the living room roof

Today was warm. No actually today was hot. Sarah arrived and picked up the carpet shampooer, the dog almost behaved. Then Mr Tesco arrived and substituted by chili tortilla chips for cheesy ones. I’m sure they are awful. Walked the dog lunchtime, she was fine, enjoyed the sunshine. Came back and ate a chicken salad sandwich. Put the washing on.

I opened the bedroom window and dear Buzz Lightyear made a bid for freedom and dived over the window sill. I then had to get a chair outside and retrieve him off the living room flat roof. Today was working on shaders again, the good news being is they now all build. I’ve still got the fun problem to solve with default parameters though. One for Monday.

Went to the gym and did Body Pump. Was fun, except I think I put more weight on the bar than usual for biceps and now my arms are killing. Came back and loaded up the GPS with caches ready for Sunday. Tomorrow I think I’ll walk the dog over to Almondsbury and then in the afternoon I’ll walk into town and go around the docks and stuff. Cooking tomorrow night, making pies. Need to pick mother up from some wedding.

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