I’ve come to the conclusion that the dining room isn’t going to paint itself

Didn’t get up early, but then again got up early enough to avoid any kind of sex. So I did the accounts. We then went out and visited a kennels for Sasha. It’s a small place, but all the dogs go out and run round together. Sasha is very social so I think she will enjoy it there, so we have booked her in.

Came back and picked up all the dog shit. Had lunch (washed hands in between). Checked on wine. The Chardonnay has finished fermenting so I’ve added the stabiliser. I did give it a quick taste and it appears to be pretty good. Now have to wait for it to clear and settle. The red is still bubbling away, although at somewhat a slower pace now.

Went out for a run. Basically covered the whole circle of the Stokes. Came back and did my next Japanese lesson. All going well. I’ve finished the first unit now. Will do the review stuff and then move on to unit two.

We then popped in Sarah’s to give my nephew his birthday present. Came back and finished Japanese for the day.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m never going to finish off the dinning room myself, so I think I will put a little away each month to get people in to start doing these tasks. And then I just do a Google. And find a specialist paint stripping place, that do nothing but paint strippers….and they do trial packs. I so have to order some and try it, if I can get that paint off safely without having to steam the bloody stuff I’ll be well impressed. Something fun for next weekend then for sure.

Right, bath time. I may even drink my own wine. Then I’m making pancakes.

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