Fun over, back to sanding

Got up very late, to be honest I think it was the last of the jet-lag, as last night was very weird being asleep at eleven and then wide awake again at midnight. No sexual activity this morning, although Jamie did have the most amazing pair of baggy pants on. Went he went downstairs to get breakfast he came back into the bedroom carrying two bowls with them almost round his knees.

Anyway we got up, I had lunch. He buggered off to his anaemic beanpole blue friend’s, still there now, obviously stocked up on tissues. I decided that the dinning room wasn’t going to sand itself and the weather was a bit crap so got on with it. Did about an hour then took a break to walk the dog. Came back and did another few hours. As it’s fairly quiet I put the TV on in the background and caught up with a couple of bits. The coving along the front room wall is now all sanded and so is the arch. I’ve had to add a few bits of filler but one more going over should complete it.

Took the Dyson out to the garage and blasted it out with the compressor. Also washed the filters.

Done three more Tripadvisor reviews, still a lot more to come. Right as it’s a bank holiday I think I’ll have bath and a glass of wine before I have salad and then get ready for the joys of work tomorrow. At least it’s a short week I guess.

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