I now have enough happy pills to last me until the end of November

Started off this morning by calling the doctors as I ran out of pills last week. Managed to get an appointment first thing. I arrived and was subjected to the usual bought of screaming and unruly kids. Thankfully appointment was only ten minutes late. Doctor I think has come to the conclusion that he’ll keep me on a repeat for six months with enough for two months at a time so I’m not tempted to O.D. Then waited about half hour in the chemist while they chatted about what they got up to over the weekend.

Got home, fired up work computer, took meds, got spaced out for a couple of hours. I’m now working on something interesting, actually not working as I spent most of the day downloading docs and SDK’s. I decided to speak to Zen about the falling line stats. after going through all the usual hoops they did a dslam reset which has now buggered it up completely on a 3db margin and syncing at 4mbps. Which is all fine in theory except it’s clocking up about a thousand CRC’s a second. No matter how many times I resynced DLM didn’t want to kick in so now looks shafted. This means I’ll need to run a new master from the incoming cable and test it there to make sure the new wiring isn’t up the swanny, then when it isn’t I need to log a call with Zen who can log a call with OpenReach to go and hit the exchange frame with a large hammer. A real pain in the ass, but needs to be done.

Didn’t venture out today as it rained constantly, so caught up on quite a lot of telly. Trying to get an early night as I’m still getting tired. Taking dog to daycare at 6:30.

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