Today was the summer, it wasn’t a bad day

So started this morning without peeing every hour, so that’s the diabetes subsided. I had breakfast and fed the dog. I was feeling rather horny so tried to get Jamie in the mood, I would have more sexual feedback from an oven glove. I ended up fapping away to which I was told, “Don’t spooge on the duvet it was only changed yesterday”. So I didn’t, I shot all over a pair of his pants, he probably wouldn’t have minded too much but he was wearing them at the time.

I got up and mowed the back and front gardens and ran the strimmer round. I was going to do a bit more gardening but wasn’t in the mood. Had lunch. Then decided it was about time I got out on one of the bikes, so I pumped the tyres up and took the mountain bike out for a short spin. I visited dad at Woodlands, he didn’t say much, but then again he always hated bank holidays.

Came back and washed the car. Then started on the BBQ. This was a BBQ for three as everyone we had invited had better plans already, and one of those was the dog (that’s one of the three, not the dog having better plans, although she probably did). So I started doing the manly shit and got it all going. It took about an hour to get glowing nicely. I decided this would be a good opportunity to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, so put that on loud in the background. BBQ was nice, good choice of burgers and sausages. We then collapsed on the sofa and watched the scoring then watched the Monaco Grand Prix. For some reason we are now both completely knackered. So I’m going to have a shower and then go to bed I think. See what the weather does tomorrow, but it’s probably back to sanding.

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