So 8cm gap is apparently touching

Working heavily in two areas I really don’t like, physics and maths. Which is surprising as I’m pretty good at both physics and maths. Spent the day basically trying to find out why a flat object travelling a couple of centimetres above a completely flat surface was randomly bouncing in the air. It turns out after god knows how many hours they are touching, this is because the physics library we are using has a margin of 4cm’s. This means any two surfaces which are within 8cm’s of each other are actually randomly touching. Great. Managed to sort some of it, but it’s going to be a real pain I just know it.

Went for a run again. Picked up the dog from doggy daycare, she is now asleep on the couch next to me. I’ve been doing research into springs, exciting evening for sure. Did a little bit of Japanese but didn’t get beyond writing down the new words on flashcards. I’m owed time again so will do a session tomorrow morning.

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