Fibers and Zac Efron

Work was all about fibers. Now I have a problem with fibers, unless you have a hardware device that can block I just cannot see the point in them. You have a thread that is pre-emptive, but fibers are cooperative, in other words a bit bloody useless. On a PSU they made sense as you can block on SPU, but on other platforms….nah, just can’t see the point. You can always write the code in a cooperative way without buggering about switching contexts.

Took Sasha to daycare, we were there at 6:30 due to Jamie smashing me in the head with his elbow at 6:00.

Spent all day working basically, went for a quick run in the evening, it was raining, then had a bath.

Now sat down watching a Zac Efron film, which I’ll no doubt fall asleep through.

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