I completed a circuit and landed

Work was all about input today, input from keyboards, input from mice and input from game pads. All oddly went according to plan.

Popped out and picked up my happy pill prescription, it was going to take fifteen minutes so I popped across the road and got a haircut, was back just as it was ready.

Had a sandwich and walked the dogs, actually other way round. Finished up work early evening, was about to go for a run but it was pissing down. So did a bit more work, then went for a run. Came back, had a shower, did a bit more work (I was enjoying it). I then fired up the sim and did some hovering. After that I completed a circuit, took off, flew east, then north, then west, then south and finally east again back to where I started. I landed it, all good. Hopefully all this sim work will pay off.

Jamie is cooking tonight. Spag bog.

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