Aviation law, the highway code of the skies

Work was long and quite dull, but almost getting to the fun bits. All I seem to do these days is annoy people from the Czech Republic, not intentional.

Didn’t walk the dogs as it wasn’t my day.

Started reading the aviation law and meteorology book. The highway code is about what fifty pages, this book is about three hundred and reads like a phone book. It’s quite dull to say the least. Okay, it’s all fairly important stuff I need to learn as I will have to take an exam on it. But every country has slightly different rules just to confuse things and that includes England and Scotland. It’s quite interesting in a couple of places though, did you know that if you are on a collision course with a plane you always turn to the right…Still it will make some quite mundane holiday reading.

Went for a run. Did another half hours flying on the simulator, it’s all coming to me quite naturally now, I think I crashed about three times in half an hour and that was just because I was testing the limits. The first time I flew it I think I crashed about every five seconds.

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