Dynamic DNS and the joys of ‘Youtube’

So started off working on some stuff to do with points on a circular path. Not the most exciting thing on the planet but again something that had to be solved. After a couple of hours it was. Took a break and did a bit more Japanese. Then the Vigor 110 decided it had enough of being synced for two days, so re-synced and then pfSense wouldn’t start PPP. So I took the opportunity to go back to the Vigor 120. This synced fine, I’m still at 12db margin, but it’s only dropped down to 11db after eight hours with 6 CRC’s so hopefully if it stays synced it will drop. If not I’ll need to kick someone at Zen.

Went for a run, had lunch. Did multiple other line, radius things throughout the day. Ended up with a video of what I was working on. TRying to upload it to the works forum, failed every time. Ended up putting it on ftp, then one of the guys put a link to it on the forum using Youtube. After some chatting I now know how to upload videos to Youtube and embed them on the forum. Very useful.

Anyway, I was looking into perhaps using the Virgin line as a backdoor to the firewall, so if the Zen line hangs I can still contact the pfSense box and give it a kick. Problem is the Virgin line uses a dynamic DNS. This means it’s IP address changes on a regular basis. This is a pain. However, pfSense supports about ten different dynamic DNS providers. One of which just happens to be EasyDNS, my DNS provider. The account I have with EasyDNS gives me access to dynamic DNS. Now I though this isn’t going to work as I want all my domain names to be on a static DNS, however it allows multiple sub-domains to be dynamic. So I added a sub-domain (mind your own business) and set it to dynamic. I then produce a token. Back in pfSense I selected dynamic DNS, added an entry for EasyDNS and filled in all the required fields. I then clicked save and expected it to crash as normal. However it went back to the status page and said it had updated the IP records. Back on EasyDNS and I checked, it now had an IP address against the sub-domain. I was amazed. Something actually worked first time. After a bit of piddling about with firewall rules I now have by alternative access to pfSense.

Did a bit more Japanese. It’s torture porn night, I was going to avoid wine all week, but as I’ve had quite a long day then I’m going to forget that. So shower, salad, and then some god awful film no doubt.

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