Then the Vigor 120 packed up again

So this morning started with packet loss. After checking the gateways the Zen line was showing about 20% packet loss. So that Vigor 120 has died again. I’ve replaced it with the TP-Link which seems to be the most reliable, but also is the worst on the line. Actually accessing it by the CLI and looking at the stats there, the HEC errors are very low, so not sure why it caused the SNR margin to increase. Time will tell, meantime I have to find the receipt for the Draytek.

Finished off unit 7 and the bonus for it. They mailed me back and said I’ll get the next course free, this is due to me sending them about ten emails with mistakes on their site. This just proves that being a completely annoying c**t can pay off.

Walked the dog. Was a nice day today, which of course meant that it pissed down half way through the walk.

Did BodyPump, apparently the gym are going to drop the LesMills classes, if that’s the case then I’m going to drop that gym.

Some fun work stuff next week possibly. Busy weekend ahead.

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